Best Uber Codes for Existing Users

A typical and committed Uber customer would have certainly noticed that the organization is fond of extending it’s largesse in terms of free ride for it’s new customers in order to lure more customers to subscribe for the Uber service. Immediately the first free promo code goes off, you may begin to question if another promo will be available. Well, some findings were carried out and the results were both good and bad. The unpleasant news is that it is certain that there are no free codes for existing users. Even though they may offer some free codes in some occasions, it however does expire within a limited period of time. This is so because free codes for promo are being made available for new customers at this time.

On the other hand, existing users of the Uber service have a way of earning promo codes even though the service does not make any one available. According to, there are five ways through which an Uber existing user can earn best free promo codes. The first step to take is to make use of the first time rider code for q trip. Then, download the service’s application and after that, recommend the service to your friends using your personal invitation code. When this is done, you will be qualified to earn a free ride from a first time user. The fifth step is that you will receive your bonus. I will briefly give you a detailed explanation on the several processes of getting it.


The first is that you have to make use of your first free rider promo code. In a bid to get new users on board, Uber has decided to put in place an initiative where by first time users would be automatically eligible to earn free ride at first sign up. In order to claim your free credit, you have to insert the code in the payment section and then request a ride. After your first ride, you are now known as an ''existing user''.

This means that there may not be any free rides for you anymore but this is where your skills and creativity comes in. Secondly, consider downloading the apps of other rivals in the same transport business. This is one of the best ways of earning free codes because several competitors are dashing out lot's of free credits just to get new users into their platform. Therefore, loyal users should make use of this gesture as it continues.

Now, the creativity I earlier talked about is having the skill to refer your friends. The way to achieve this is to recommend the service to them and invite them to subscribe, using your invite code. If they comply, you will immediately earn a free ride for yourself. The fourth step has to do with sharing a ride with a first time rider. The way to do this is to share your code with them while in the same vehicle. This will give you free code for the invite and then you can use it when returning back to your base. This method has worked for quite a number of existing users.

 Ways to Get Free Rides from Ridesharing Companies

It is observed that the prices for ridesharing apps are becoming lesser simply because the business is expanding with many other investors. This has in turn eased the stress of commuters in moving from one location to another considering the fact that the charges are affordable when two or more persons share one ride. These companies have further developed a method of luring more users especially by offering them free trips. If you are good in the game, there are methods in which you need to apply in order to get free rides.

Get a voucher and make use of it. Vouchers do come with a certain amount and you can only use it based on the attached price on it. The reason for the free ride code is just to lure new and existing users and this can be gotten from the service's application or other platforms. Another method an existing user can apply to get free rides is through special deals. Companies who carry out this service normally partner with some arranged locations; they are usually aimed at bringing first time riders and existing riders. It will be to own favor if you are alert to know when such gesture will be available at your location.

You can also get involved in the referral initiative of the rideshare company. This program aims at offering free rides to new users and those that have invited the new users. This means that when a free code is shared, both the new user and the existing user who recommended the service by way of inviting others would partake in the largesse. You can therefore, continue to invite people to subscribe to the service if you want to continue to earn codes for free rides.

A good rideshare company can even offer you a free ride just to welcome you into their platform. Some companies achieve this by offering promo codes for first time users. It is even at your advantage to take the test ride offer to your location so as to assess their value of service. I will end by giving you the next method you can use to obtain a free rider code as an existing user. Some rideshare companies provide free rides for their first time riders whenever they get into a new town. It will be ideal you register when the company is launching their service at your location so that you may be fortunate to be among the first riders to get a free ride voucher.